Agir contre - L'exploitation sexuelle

Sexual Exploitation

What is sexual exploitation ?

Sexual exploitation is a complex issue, particularly due to the various situations in which it may occur (brothel, erotic massage parlour, strip club, etc.) and the criminal activities that may be associated with it (pimping, human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes, purchase of sexual services, etc.).

Sexual exploitation, which may take many forms, generally involves a situation, context or relationship in which an individual takes advantage of the vulnerability or dependence of another person, or an unequal balance of power between them, to benefit from the person’s body for sexual purposes. The objective may be monetary, social or personal gain, such as sexual gratification, or any other type of benefit.

Victims of sexual exploitation include victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes.

The Québec government recognizes sexual exploitation as an abuse of power that cannot be tolerated in a society that upholds the values of justice and equality between men and women. As such, it is considered a form of violence against women.

Getting help

Telephone hotline offering listening, information and referral services for the victims of conjugal violence, family members and responders: 1 888 933-9007

  • Free, bilingual and confidential, accessible 24 hours a day and 7 ways a week throughout Québec.